Mmmm, candylips <3

Cotton Candy Kisses

Cotton candy so sticky and sweet,
so much better when I get that kiss on the cheek,
granny likes cotton candy too,
But I like it better with a kiss from you

County fairs are special fun,
we get cotton candy on a run,
Sissy takes a hunk off the top,
as she runs to Bubba, flippity flop,

A sweet little doll,
with three years of curly long hair,
She just has to be the prettiest girl at the fair,
it's late, time to go home,
cotton candy we got some,
a kiss good night Yum Yum.

dedicated toward Sissy 6/7/09
granny loves you

Brendalyn summer

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Frisk og rask - tips om alt

Frisk og rask - tips om alt

15, Oslo

Jeg gir deg tips om sminke, mat, trening...osv Alt en jente tenker p! Har du lyst til g ned i vekt eller stramme opp litt, kommer jeg ogs til skrive innlegg her og der om tips :) Jeg skriver mer om dere kommenterer s vr s snill, KOMMENTER folkens <3